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At any given moment

At Any Given Moment

Is a site bound work made for 3 different sites:
Levanger for LevArt 2014
Trondheim International Performance Festival 2015
Artists Book published by LevArText 2016


At any given moment, Trondheim 2015







At any given moment
 Levanger 2014







As part of LevArts site-exploring exhibition-project Deep Sites curated by Anne-Gro Erikstad: At any given moment is a durational artwork mainly experienced individually, but accompanied by a human guide. The piece takes place both above and below ground, moving between two historic spaces below street level, located at individual addresses. Parts of this piece is experienced in total darkness, allowing only a series of pre-programmed, slow, demarcated scenes of light unwrap the space of the cellar little by little, by changing subtly in and out of darkness. At any given moment, offers the absence of added art objects, but rather acts on the senses and our ability to reflect.
The piece asks the participant to complete the experience, and hence the artwork, in their own imagination through their own references and memories.

At any given moment LEVANGER 2014:
Outside eye: Curator, Anne-Gro Erikstad LevArt
Text and direction: Edvine Larssen
Lighting design: Edvine Larssen in collaboration with Trond Walleraunet
Lighting engineer: Trond Walleraunet
Outfits for guides: Edvine Larssen
Guides: Ylva Almås Haugan, Hanna Fauske and Bernt Garten Galtrud
Photos: Einar Faret Saastad (above ground) and Siv Hilde Meen (below ground).
Copyrights: Edvine Larssen. 

At any given moment was shown in its second version in 2015 during Bastard, Trondheim international festival for performative arts, invited by Teaterhuset Avant Garden:
Program from Bastard 2015: Bastard.edvinelarssen2015

At any given moment TRONDHEIM 2015:
Concept and project development: Edvine Larssen
Text and direction: Edvine Larssen
Outside eye: Anne-Gro Erikstad/LevArt. In Trondheim: Per Ananiassen/TAG
Lighting design: Edvine Larssen in collaboration with Anniken Arnøy and Thomas Brosveet/TAG
Lighting engineering: Anniken Arnøy and Thomas Brosveet/TAG
Outfits for guides: Edvine Larssen
Guides: Karoline Sætre, Karianne Teigland, Alexander Findeisen
Photos: Siv Hilde Meen
Copyrights: Edvine Larssen 

At any given moment -  Artist-book published by LevArtext Available for orders

Unforgettable Vision of Darkness

 Unforgettable Vision of Darkness (2013)






einar_detalj2forweb frasiden_edvine2forweb






Unforgettable Vision of Darkness, installation at TSSK Trøndelag senter for samtidskunst 2013

The gallery space at TSSK is in this work staged as a total artwork
The large windows in the space are covered with a vinyl that alters the facade of the gallery both outdoors, by re-appearing as a large silver coloured mirror

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. Indoors, the vinyl turns the window surface into a red glossy mirror, the red colour bleeds away from itself, casting a red glow onto its surroundings.

The space was cut in two by an architectural, yet sculptural construction made by separated black wooden ribbons dropping from ceiling to floor

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. In the space it offered an almost rubber-like quality, curving its way from the ceiling, touching the floor and heading towards the back of the space


Unforgettable Vision of Darkness
 was built in situ at TSSK by Edvine Larssen and Daniel Richards
Logistic planning carried out in close collaboration with Daniel Richards
Idea, model, material preparations: Edvine Larssen
Materials: birch veneer, wood, vinyl, lighting, paint
Photos: Einar Faret Saastad, Andrea Lykken Kittilsen/ArtScene and Edvine Larssen
CopyRights Edvine Larssen



Verging (NNKS) 2012




Verging (6) Verging (5) Verging (7) Verging (8) Verging (10) Verging (9)

Verging Installation at NNKS/Nordnorsk kunstnersenter, Lofoten 2012

Verging is a 14 meter long architectonic intervention, built in situ at NNKS as a ceiling mounted structure made from baroque panelling and veneer
A wood structure comes towards you in a darkened space. It curves through the gallery changing both the spatiality, and its own appearance, as you walk as part of the installation.
As you move along the wooden structure, beams of light hits the viewer, as flickers, from a moving image.

The installation creates a hybrid and makes suggestions of a drape or a stage curtain, a fence, a wall, a set, a barn or a naust (boathouse). The wood is painted maroon red on one side, but appears almost black in the dark space, allowing the red tone to seep trough where the wood boards meet, and the light from the back space flows through.
This installation alludes the baroque and theatrical qualities of the landscapes surrounding Lofoten and Nordland, with their dark winters and brightly lit summers.

Verging was planned as part of the two artist show: grenseløs, umåtelig, overdreven alongside
Maja Nilsen showing a series of framed collages: What has been will be again

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Logistic planning and construction on site: Edvine Larssen and Tommy Jensen
Photos: NNKS/Kjell Ove Storvik. CopyRights Edvine Larssen

Vefsn/N0188 (Ja vi elsker), 2005

Vefsn/N0188 (Ja vi elsker) 2005

ja_vi_elsker (2)
Vefsn/N0188 (Ja vi elsker) 2005 Exhibited at Trondheim Art Museum, MA Show 2005

Vefsn/1088 (Ja vi elsker) exhibited at LIAF 2006

ja_vi_elsker (3)
Vefsn/N0188 Ja vi elsker (2005)

ja_vi_elsker (4)
Vefsn/N0188 Ja vi elsker (2005)

This work investigates the tradition of the Norwegian national dress (bunad) with a particular focus on their visual authenticity. The female sculpture is based on the exact pattern from the Nordlandsbunad, assembled from a collection of international fabrics focusing on the relevant trading partners Norway had at the time when the tradition of the bunad was constructed at the end of the 19th century
. as Norway was constituted.
Fabrics like Scottish tartan, Chinese nylon, Russian wool scarf, ceremonial fabric from Thailand, Indian silk as well as a Norwegian flag in wool are used in the female sculpture
The male sculpture is a crossing between the international, neutral black suit, and the female national dress, with a strong local identity (from Nordland), by embroidering a standard suit as the female Nordlandsbunad – using the pattern with the original silk thread and placing on the garment as if it were the bunad. The tie is made from the woven silk fabric of the shawl in the original Nordlandsbunad for women.

The research and production of this work was done during 2003 – 2005, and resulted as Edvine Larssens final MFA exam at the Art Academy in Trondheim NTNU in 2005

Research and total concept: Edvine Larssen
Embroidery: Gunn Larssen
Tailor work: Gunn Larssen and Edvine Larssen
Wood and paint work (base): Edvine Larssen
Photos and CopyRights: Edvine Larssen

This work was purchased by: Helgeland Museum, Vefsn in 2021



Side 56 (Page 56), 2007

Side 56 (Page 56) 2007

Side56 (6)

Side56 (7)Side56 (8)
Side56 (4)

Side56 (3)

Side56 (5)
Side 56 (Page 56) installed in the exhibition Troops of Quiet Love and Disaster, Marienborg 2007

Sculptural installation 2007
Side 56 (Page 56)
 consists of 49 light bulbs, all with one single word sand blasted onto them, and hundreds of meters of cable.
The 49 bulbs/words form the poem on page 56 in Marte Hukes book Ta imot that became published in 2008 by Tiden Norsk Forlag.

Side 56 (page 56) belongs to Edvine Larssens ongoing series Text bulbs started in 2001 where she collaborates and lends from published text materials, transformed into light-bulb sculptural installations

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Edvine Larssen was granted the Critics Award for this work from Line Ulekleiv during Trøndelagsutstillingen 2010
Photos and CopyRights: Edvine Larssen


Sekvens (Sequence) #1 – #11

Sekvens # 11 (A dialogue with Blå Speiling) 2016


edvine13 kopi

sekvens11web sekvens11.detalj

2016-09-08 12.26.22


2016-09-08 12.26.52

Sekvens #11 2016

Sculpture made and showed at Bodø kunstforening (later Kulturbadet, Sandnessjøen) in the group show: Mitt landskap where the artists: Edvine Larssen, Siri Austeen, Johanne Hestvold, Olav Christopher Jensen, Vemund Thoe, Linn Halvorsrød and HC Gilje was invited to make work in dialogue with the works of the North Norwegian painter and sculptor Gunnar Tollefsen
Mitt landskap was presented in a book holding the same title in 2019. 
Sculpture: freestanding wood panelling, rope, 12 shades of oil pastel

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Height varies to about 2,5m. Diameter:2,2

Edvine Larssen



Sekvens # 10  2015.sekvens#10 copy


Sekvens #10 
Materials: free standing wood panelling, rack tie down strap, neon yellow oil pastel.
In the show: Og de skal smi sine sverd om til hakker at Nils Aas Kunstnersenter, Inderøya, Norway
with Serina Erfjord, Knut Henrik Henriksen, Nils Aas, Magnhild Øen Nordahl, Lars Monrad Vaage. Curator: Erlend Hammer
Photo I: Edvine Larssen
Photo II: Hening Lystad/Nils Aas Kunstnersente

Sekvens  # 1 – # 9







Sequence #2 – #9 Framed paper works made for the Sjøbygda festival 2011

Drummer Tomas Järmyr performing in front of Sequence #2 – #9

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Installed at Eggaodden school building at the Sjøbygda festival 2011

Sculpture and paper works, Sjøbygdafestivalen 2011
Photos: Per Kristian Nygård (ArtScene Trondheim) and Edvine Larssen.
CopyRights Edvine Larssen


Rør ved det som ikke kommer, 2008

Rør ved det som ikke kommer 2008
R_rveddetsomikkekommer (9)

R_rveddetsomikkekommer (1)
Rør ved det som ikke kommer as seen from the entrance

R_rveddetsomikkekommer (2)

 R_rveddetsomikkekommer (3)

R_rveddetsomikkekommer (4)

R_rveddetsomikkekommer (5) 

R_rveddetsomikkekommer (6)

Rør ved det som kommer

Installation made in collaboration with the poet Marte Huke
Torpedogangen, Dora, Trondheim 2008.

The installation Rør ved det som ikke kommer was made specifically for and was built on site in the former WWII German submarine base Dora in Trondheim

The installation was located in the 80 meters long torpedo concourse (torpedogangen). 

Rør ved det som ikke kommer consists of a wood-construction shaped as a house,
made from indoor spruce panelling, that stands on two meter high poles.
The wood structure is placed about 50 meters into the concourse.

Marte Hukes poetic texts consisting of two bare voices was played via two loud speakers at the far end of the concourse. In this installation the massive concrete space was totally darkened, and is only lit by one simple halogen spot on the floor near the wood construction.
When entering the space the sound of Huke´s texts are barely present, but leads the viewer further into the work as they move towards the house that appears golden from afar.
The presence of the viewers is a vital part of this installation, as they cast shadows when passing the light source to walk further into the concourse,  towards the audio.

The installation has a clear on stage/off stage reference, as the viewers walk towards the light when entering into the installation, but towards darkness when leaving.

Visual installation by Edvine Larssen
Text and sound by Marte Huke
Constructed in situ at Dora by Edvine Larssen and Per-Kristian Nygård
Photos and CopyRights: Edvine Larssen



Mezzanine, installation at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo 2009.

Mezzanine 2009








Installation at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo 2009

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This installation was commissioned specifically for and built in situ at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo as one of 3 parallel solo shows by: Nina Roos, Edvine Larssen and Jesper Just, curated by Maaretta Jaukkuri.

Mezzanine shows a large overturned stage

The stage stands broken in the space where it becomes a massive wall rising 7m in the skylit hall (overlyssalen).
Mezzanine was built from birch veneer, treated with a tainted benar oil
The curtain was made from silk-velvet, and floods across the floor like a puddle.

In this installation both stage and curtain have lost their functions. The stage is being staged itself, the curtain no longer hides nor reveals, yet both are creating new symbols and meanings within the exhibition space in their altered positions.
Mezzanine can be seen carrying fused references between the Japanese Noh theatre and western theatre traditions.

Materials: Birch-veneer covered MDF, wood, tinted benar oil, silk-velvet, curtain weight ribbon
Scale: wood construction: H: 7M, W:6M, D:1,2M Curtain: 6m x 7m folded from 112 meters of fabric.
Logistic planning and material preparations: Edvine Larssen with assistance from Jan Karl Schmidt
Wood construction built in situ by the construction team at Kunstnernes Hus
Silk velvet curtain planned and made by: Gunn Larssen and Edvine Larssen
Lighting: Edvine Larssen

Kunstnernes Hus/Leif Gabrielsen, Einar Hansen, Kjersti Berg and Edvine Larssen.
CopyRights Edvine Larssen






Kokong (Cocoon) 2008. Temporary commission for Lohove Kindergarden in collaboration with Karianne Stensland.

Kokong (Cocoon),2008.
In collaboration with Karianne Stensland I was commissioned to make a temporary art project for Lohove kindergarden in 2007/08. As part 1 of 3 projects (1:Kokong, 2:Ka sa du da and 3:I vildensky), Stensland and I made this temporary sculpture, Kokong (Cocoon), by wrapping one of the trees in the kindergardens near surroundings in a gold fabric. 

Kokong (Cocoon) was up for about two months. The children and staff at Lohove took part in both installing this piece and taking it down. The children were also given disposable cameras to
document the project during the 2 months

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. These photographs were gathered in albums given to the kindergarden. In addition we made a selection of the photographs and turned these into memory board games for the children to play with. The gold fabric was left with the kindergarden for their own use after the sculpture came down, and we also made them their own gold hammock to be used during the summer months as a reminder.



Intermesso (2012)

Close up of Intermezzo

Intermezzo seen from the ground


Intermezzo documented from lift

Intermezzo outside view

Intermezzo indoors, seen from the barn entrance

Intermesso Sculptural intervention in the architecture at: Luktvasslimo Farm 2012 

Intermesso draws inspiration from baroque and renaissance art, specifically Berninis The extacy of St

. Theresa, providing the work with strong theatrical connotations. In the History of Art the image of light flooding in through windows can be seen as a visualization of a higher presence.

Intermesso is pulling the viewer in and out of the barn, with its presence in the interstice between inside and outside, appearing through a small window-like opening in the barn wall
The light is not flooding in, but shoots out towards the sky in a dramatic, yet humorous manner, breaking with the historical religious connotations.


Intermesso is made as a site specific work for the exhibition; Odor, Water, Limo at Luktvasslimo, summer 2012. Curated by Trygve Luktvasslimo


Logistic planning and wood-work: Edvine Larssen
Lacquering: Autoservice AS Mosjøen
Installment on site at Luktvasslimo Gård by:
Marius L. Aasprong, Trygve Luktvasslimo and Edvine Larssen
Photos: Trygve Luktvasslimo, Endre Aalrust and Edvine Larssen

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. CopyRights Edvine Larssen

Installing Intermezzo:

Installing Intermezzo