Sekvens (Sequence) #1 – #11

Sekvens # 11 (A dialogue with Blå Speiling) 2016


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Sekvens #11 2016

Sculpture made and showed at Bodø kunstforening (later Kulturbadet, Sandnessjøen) in the group show: Mitt landskap where the artists: Edvine Larssen, Siri Austeen, Johanne Hestvold, Olav Christopher Jensen, Vemund Thoe, Linn Halvorsrød and HC Gilje was invited to make work in dialogue with the works of the North Norwegian painter and sculptor Gunnar Tollefsen
Mitt landskap was presented in a book holding the same title in 2019. 
Sculpture: freestanding wood panelling, rope, 12 shades of oil pastel

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Height varies to about 2,5m. Diameter:2,2

Edvine Larssen



Sekvens # 10  2015.sekvens#10 copy


Sekvens #10 
Materials: free standing wood panelling, rack tie down strap, neon yellow oil pastel.
In the show: Og de skal smi sine sverd om til hakker at Nils Aas Kunstnersenter, Inderøya, Norway
with Serina Erfjord, Knut Henrik Henriksen, Nils Aas, Magnhild Øen Nordahl, Lars Monrad Vaage. Curator: Erlend Hammer
Photo I: Edvine Larssen
Photo II: Hening Lystad/Nils Aas Kunstnersente

Sekvens  # 1 – # 9







Sequence #2 – #9 Framed paper works made for the Sjøbygda festival 2011

Drummer Tomas Järmyr performing in front of Sequence #2 – #9

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Installed at Eggaodden school building at the Sjøbygda festival 2011

Sculpture and paper works, Sjøbygdafestivalen 2011
Photos: Per Kristian Nygård (ArtScene Trondheim) and Edvine Larssen.
CopyRights Edvine Larssen