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Final Stage Textbulbs V

Final Stage Textbulbs # V  2022 – 23



Shown in the group exhibition Vitne/Witness curated by Anne-Gro Erikstad at
Falstadsenteret: Museum, memorial and human rights center -
in the commanders residence, with artists and curators:
Anne-Karin Furunes, Damir Avdagic, Kristina Norman, Corina Apostol and Siri Austeen.

July 2. – September. 10. 2023

edvine-larssen1edvine-larssen-3edvine-larssen-2.                Photos Falstad: Susann Jamtøy

Shown as a solo show at : P7t, Helsinki Finland
October – November 2022


detalj_forwebfrakontor_forwebforwebdsc_7720dsc_7673.   dsc_7603
Photos Helsinki: Vincent Roumagnac/ Pt7

3 Wood frames
4 lightbulbs sandblasted by hand
Textile cables black, textile cable weaved in tones of red, porcelain lamp holders in black and red,
dimmers, carpet in dark blue

Text bulb I: I Can´t leave you
Text bulb II: I know
Text bulb III: But you can´t follow me
Text bulb IV: [Pause]
The text in this work is excerpted from Samuel Becketts Endgame

“The series “Textbulbs” was started in London in 2001. I was interested in investigating the lightbulb as a poetic space. In these works I carefully sandblast text onto lightbulbs, a delicate process in need of precision and concentration.
All texts in the series “Texbulbs” are excerpts from published works available also as books.
The works have a durational aspect beyond my control. The lightbulbs have a durational lifespan in terms of how long they will give light. The works change as the bulb dies, but the bulbs will not be replaced, but rather this offers a reference to how life is also fleeting.


Not worth while (Textbulb IV)

Not worth while (Textbulbs IV) 2022
Shown at Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst/Trondheim August 2022:

edvine_utstilling_k-u-k-8693edvine_utstilling_k-u-k-8486 edvine_utstilling_k-u-k-8672 edvine_utstilling_k-u-k-8670 edvine_utstilling_k-u-k-8495

Shown at In the Closet/Oslo January 2022:

271661403_583225596201474_355801128472677617_n 271913862_427212999191890_3392138571878154795_n 271924955_257593079832544_3292233555817778879_n 271946764_282007227270782_3446171638999642670_n
Not worth while (Textbulbs IV) was shown January 14. – January 23. 2022 at IN THE CLOSET⃣  an artist run space in Oslo run by Vsevolod Kovalevskij.

“The series “Textbulbs” was started in London in 2001. I was interested in investigating the lightbulb as a poetic space. In these works I carefully sandblast text onto lightbulbs, a delicate process in need of precision and concentration.
All texts in the series “Texbulbs” are excerpts from published works available also as books.
The works have a durational aspect beyond my control. The lightbulbs have a durational lifespan in
terms of how long they will give light. The works change as the bulb dies, but the bulbs will not be
replaced, but rather this offers a reference to how life is also fleeting.
In this new work I continue from the very first work made in this series, with text from Samuel Becketts “Waiting for Godot”, a work full of uncertainty and unclear futures, fitting well with the state of the world in the middle of a still ongoing pandemic.”

Not worth while (Textbulbs IV) 2022
4 lightbulbs, sandblasted by hand.
Painted profiled wood-board.
Cotton covered cables, Porcelain fittings, dimmers and plugs.
Scale: Varies

Photos K.U.K Trondheim: Sigrid Erdal
Photos Oslo: Vsevolod Kovalevskij/ IN The Closet


Curtain (V) Nóh

Curtain (V) Nóh 2020


Curtain (V) Nóh was commissioned as part of the groupshow Gymsal Organized by Carlos A. Correia and Dan Skjærveland.

Materials: Satin in five colours, metal hooks, zink ribbons and existing Gym ropes
Production assistant: Matilde W. Gaustad
Mounted in situ by: Matilde W. Gaustad and Carlos A. Correia








Prospekt (SKAUS III)


Prospekt (SKAUS III)
TOU Ventetomt, Stavanger – August 2020


Skaus was a hosting and occupying platform. A support structure that instigates encounters between sites, artists, institutions, social infrastructures and the audience.
A parallel exhibition took place at Rogaland Kunstsenter and at a development lot next to TOU. These two sites were linked together by one body, a large wood structure in two versions.
4 artists or artists groups were invited to work with these structures during a period of 3 weeks each. 
Continual change was an intrinsic part of the project.

Skaus was initiated and developed by Håvard Sagen, Mari Kolbeinson and Markus Bråten. They acted as convenors.

Edvine Larssen was invited to take part in the third session of Skaus. In her session Larssen closed off the access to move inside of the construction to the public

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. Her work invited the viewers to rather interact with the site itself. Through a repeated act of piercing the construction, in several places, Larssen was placing aluminium pipes though the holes. The pipes would offer views from various parts of the wood structure, allowing it to act almost as it was invisible, as one would always be faced with a view of the other side of where one was standing, and thus be faced with a constant altered perception of the site which is placed between a semi public cultural space (Tou), a public park and a private apartment block.












oddbjorn-aarstad-9370small edvine-detalj-skaus

Photos: Oddbjørn Aarstad
Detailshots from pipes: Håvard Sagen and Edvine Larssen

Inside, hidden from public access, Larssen also rearranged the exhibitions of the previous artists where she also placed two hidden peepholes in the structure where one, if one was able to locate these, could peep into the structure itself and see the works rearranged as well as the pipes running through the space.


oddbjorn-aarstad-9203 oddbjorn-aarstad-9225 oddbjorn-aarstad-9229oddbjorn-aarstad-9185

In Praise of Shadows

In Praise of Shadows (2018)_dsc0034




In Praise of Shadows was a performance at, as well as a staging of, Nordenfjeldske kunstindustrimuseum in Trondheim in October 2018.

A reading of excerpts from the 30´s essay holding the same title by Junichiro Tanziaki was mixed by a total darkening of the museum, presenting the collection in candlelight for one night only


Total concept, reading and costume design by: Edvine Larssen
Lighting by: Edvine Larssen in collaboration with Solveig Lønmo
Photos: Andy Lock

Curtain (IV)

Curtain (IV)  2019


Curtain (IV) was becoming as an artwork in the National feature-magazine -  Magasinet, that follows Dagbladet – one of the largest newspapers in Norway, as part of RAKE Visningsrom´s group show: Omfavnelser

Over a period of 12 weeks, a new double spread was launched each Saturday. This text- based as well as sculptural work – consists of 12 unique sculptures, one built for each weeks display, all were lit in a theatre space and photographed, before becoming paired with a short play written in 12 parts.

This work researches the role of Vekteren – the watchman, in Norwegian language and history. It also aims to test what an artwork can be, and if a duration of becoming over 12 weeks is possible.

Edvine Larssen is in 2024 working in collaboration with SMØR press on a unique publication which presents all parts of this work joint and in a new format where the text is also translated into English. A new text written by Line Ulekleiv also follows in this publication. To be launched in the spring of 2024!


Scroll down for info about Curtain (IV) performed.

Curtain (IV) was on weekly display outside of RAKE throughout the period of the 12 weeks:
Part 1 of Curtain (IV)  - launched on June 8. 2019.rake-curtainiv-august


Part 10, August 2019 curtain-iv-del-11
Part 11.
 August 2019

Part 11, august 2019

Curtain (IV) by Edvine Larssen was produced in collaboration with:
Lighting: Anniken Arnøy/Rosendal Theatre, Trondheim
Photo: Juliane Schütz
Graphic layout preparations: Joana Bruno/SMØR press
Assistant to the artist in the wood workshop: Marius L. Aasprong.

Thank you:
Marte Huke for reading and offering input on the text
Kamilla Freyr for a valuable dialogue in early stages of this work
Tove-Lill Karlsen for proof reading the text
RAKE: Charlotte Rostad and Trygve Ohren for making this come to life
Magasinet – by Linn Kongsli Hillestad for the collaboration to show my work in this format


All the 12 parts in the play was performed on 24.08.19. during sunset:





Performed by: Tormod Gjersvold, directed by the artist.
Photos: Tobias Liljedahl/RAKE visningsrom


Situations/Situasjoner (2017/18)














Situations/Situasjoner is a performative installation, a passage work
-  for only two participants at the time -  led by two performers.

This artwork is made for and takes place “behind the scenes” at Nordenfjeldske Art and Design Musum in Trondheim, in the in-between and liminal spaces of the museum, where a series of situations are blurring the boundaries between the staged and the everyday.

Situations/Situasjoner was re-enacted during Bastard,
Trondheim international festival for performative arts in September 2018. Edvine Larssen is currently making a new version of this piece for the National Museum in Oslo, to open in the summer of 2024.

Total concept, text, costume design and directing: Edvine Larssen
Assistant and technician : Marius L. Aasprong
Costumes produced by: Mixed Media Berlin
Performers in first installment 2017: Siri Frøset, Tara L. Griegel and Bjørnar H. Braastad
Performers in second installment, Bastard 2018: Siri Frøset, Tara L. Griegel, Marius L. Aasprong
Lighting design: Edvine Larssen in collaboration with Anniken Arnøy
Lighting technique: Anniken Arnøy
Dialogue partner at NKIM: Solveig Lønmo
Outside eye: Anne-Gro Erikstad
Poster design: Joana Bruno/SMØR Press
Thanks to Morten Spjøtvold for introducing relevant archival materials

Photos 2017: Siv-Hilde Meen
Photos from Bastard 2018: Arne Hauge

Situations/Situasjoner was made as part of Edvine Larssen´s Doctorate artistic research project in the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme, where she was researching the Japanese concept [Ma] in relation to spatial and durational artworks that involves participation of various kinds.

 Curtain (III)



Curtain (III) 2017/18
Silk paper, lighting, cabinet.

During the total period of showing Situations/Situasjoner behind the scenes,
Edvine Larssen´s: Curtain (III) was on constant display inside of the museum.



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Verging (TKF)

 Verging (TKF) 2016



2016-06-18 18.33.14

2016-06-18 18.31.51





. Site bound installation in the exhibition:
Potential Architecture – Art Systems Environment Curated by David Thorp.
Artists: Alexander Brodsky, Sean Griffiths, Edvine Larssen, Joar Nango and Apolonija Šušteršič
Tromsø Kunstforening, June – October 2016

Materials: Outdoor baroque panels, birch veneer, wood, paint, lighting
Scale, wood construction: Height 5,7m, Lenght: 12m
Installation built in situ at Tromsø Kunstforening

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Producer: Eli Skatvedt/TKF
Logistic planning and construction work at Tromsø Kunstforening by:
Edvine Larssen and Marius L. Aasprong
Assistants: Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel, Robert Julian Hvitsendahl og Camilla Renate Nicolaisen
Exhibition folder text here: EdvineLarssen.PotentialArchitecture
Photos: Matti Aikio/Tromsø Kunstforening, Marius. L Aasprong and Edvine Larssen


 Pust. (2015)










Commisioned installation at SALT, Sandhornøy, Nordland August 2015

Pust. was made specifically for and in close dialogue with the pyramid structure by the architect Sami Rintala. Via natures intervals, as well as through its insisting, un-natural neon-colour, this installation becomes a theatrical focal-point, visible from the sea, from land, from the sky.
Pust. never stands still, but is changing continuously on the premises of nature.
This allows Pust
. to also stage the surrounding landscape, placing those who move around in the landscape in a staged situation hinting at being on-stage and off-stage in an every changing interval.

Materials: Neon yellow fabric (151 m2), climbing rope, sailing equipment, weather.
Curated by: Helga-Marie Nordby
Installed by: Team Harpix
Produced by: MixedMedia Berlin

Photos 1, 9, 19, 11: Edvine Larssen
Photos 7 – 8: Espen Bjelvin
Photos 2 – 7: Gunnar Holmstad

 Installing Pust.

IMG_0871 IMG_0863