At any given moment

At Any Given Moment

Is a site bound work made for 3 different sites:
Levanger for LevArt 2014
Trondheim International Performance Festival 2015
Artists Book published by LevArText 2016


At any given moment, Trondheim 2015







At any given moment
 Levanger 2014







As part of LevArts site-exploring exhibition-project Deep Sites curated by Anne-Gro Erikstad: At any given moment is a durational artwork mainly experienced individually, but accompanied by a human guide. The piece takes place both above and below ground, moving between two historic spaces below street level, located at individual addresses. Parts of this piece is experienced in total darkness, allowing only a series of pre-programmed, slow, demarcated scenes of light unwrap the space of the cellar little by little, by changing subtly in and out of darkness. At any given moment, offers the absence of added art objects, but rather acts on the senses and our ability to reflect.
The piece asks the participant to complete the experience, and hence the artwork, in their own imagination through their own references and memories.

At any given moment LEVANGER 2014:
Outside eye: Curator, Anne-Gro Erikstad LevArt
Text and direction: Edvine Larssen
Lighting design: Edvine Larssen in collaboration with Trond Walleraunet
Lighting engineer: Trond Walleraunet
Outfits for guides: Edvine Larssen
Guides: Ylva Almås Haugan, Hanna Fauske and Bernt Garten Galtrud
Photos: Einar Faret Saastad (above ground) and Siv Hilde Meen (below ground).
Copyrights: Edvine Larssen. 

At any given moment was shown in its second version in 2015 during Bastard, Trondheim international festival for performative arts, invited by Teaterhuset Avant Garden:
Program from Bastard 2015: Bastard.edvinelarssen2015

At any given moment TRONDHEIM 2015:
Concept and project development: Edvine Larssen
Text and direction: Edvine Larssen
Outside eye: Anne-Gro Erikstad/LevArt. In Trondheim: Per Ananiassen/TAG
Lighting design: Edvine Larssen in collaboration with Anniken Arnøy and Thomas Brosveet/TAG
Lighting engineering: Anniken Arnøy and Thomas Brosveet/TAG
Outfits for guides: Edvine Larssen
Guides: Karoline Sætre, Karianne Teigland, Alexander Findeisen
Photos: Siv Hilde Meen
Copyrights: Edvine Larssen 

At any given moment -  Artist-book published by LevArtext Available for orders