Intermesso (2012)

Close up of Intermezzo

Intermezzo seen from the ground


Intermezzo documented from lift

Intermezzo outside view

Intermezzo indoors, seen from the barn entrance

Intermesso Sculptural intervention in the architecture at: Luktvasslimo Farm 2012 

Intermesso draws inspiration from baroque and renaissance art, specifically Berninis The extacy of St

. Theresa, providing the work with strong theatrical connotations. In the History of Art the image of light flooding in through windows can be seen as a visualization of a higher presence.

Intermesso is pulling the viewer in and out of the barn, with its presence in the interstice between inside and outside, appearing through a small window-like opening in the barn wall
The light is not flooding in, but shoots out towards the sky in a dramatic, yet humorous manner, breaking with the historical religious connotations.


Intermesso is made as a site specific work for the exhibition; Odor, Water, Limo at Luktvasslimo, summer 2012. Curated by Trygve Luktvasslimo


Logistic planning and wood-work: Edvine Larssen
Lacquering: Autoservice AS Mosjøen
Installment on site at Luktvasslimo Gård by:
Marius L. Aasprong, Trygve Luktvasslimo and Edvine Larssen
Photos: Trygve Luktvasslimo, Endre Aalrust and Edvine Larssen

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. CopyRights Edvine Larssen

Installing Intermezzo:

Installing Intermezzo