Not worth while (Textbulb IV)

Not worth while (Textbulbs IV) 2022
Shown at Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst/Trondheim August 2022:

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Shown at In the Closet/Oslo January 2022:

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Not worth while (Textbulbs IV) was shown January 14. – January 23. 2022 at IN THE CLOSET⃣  an artist run space in Oslo run by Vsevolod Kovalevskij.

“The series “Textbulbs” was started in London in 2001. I was interested in investigating the lightbulb as a poetic space. In these works I carefully sandblast text onto lightbulbs, a delicate process in need of precision and concentration.
All texts in the series “Texbulbs” are excerpts from published works available also as books.
The works have a durational aspect beyond my control. The lightbulbs have a durational lifespan in
terms of how long they will give light. The works change as the bulb dies, but the bulbs will not be
replaced, but rather this offers a reference to how life is also fleeting.
In this new work I continue from the very first work made in this series, with text from Samuel Becketts “Waiting for Godot”, a work full of uncertainty and unclear futures, fitting well with the state of the world in the middle of a still ongoing pandemic.”

Not worth while (Textbulbs IV) 2022
4 lightbulbs, sandblasted by hand.
Painted profiled wood-board.
Cotton covered cables, Porcelain fittings, dimmers and plugs.
Scale: Varies

Photos K.U.K Trondheim: Sigrid Erdal
Photos Oslo: Vsevolod Kovalevskij/ IN The Closet