Prospekt (SKAUS III)


Prospekt (SKAUS III)
TOU Ventetomt, Stavanger – August 2020


Skaus was a hosting and occupying platform. A support structure that instigates encounters between sites, artists, institutions, social infrastructures and the audience.
A parallel exhibition took place at Rogaland Kunstsenter and at a development lot next to TOU. These two sites were linked together by one body, a large wood structure in two versions.
4 artists or artists groups were invited to work with these structures during a period of 3 weeks each. 
Continual change was an intrinsic part of the project.

Skaus was initiated and developed by Håvard Sagen, Mari Kolbeinson and Markus Bråten. They acted as convenors.

Edvine Larssen was invited to take part in the third session of Skaus. In her session Larssen closed off the access to move inside of the construction to the public

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. Her work invited the viewers to rather interact with the site itself. Through a repeated act of piercing the construction, in several places, Larssen was placing aluminium pipes though the holes. The pipes would offer views from various parts of the wood structure, allowing it to act almost as it was invisible, as one would always be faced with a view of the other side of where one was standing, and thus be faced with a constant altered perception of the site which is placed between a semi public cultural space (Tou), a public park and a private apartment block.












oddbjorn-aarstad-9370small edvine-detalj-skaus

Photos: Oddbjørn Aarstad
Detailshots from pipes: Håvard Sagen and Edvine Larssen

Inside, hidden from public access, Larssen also rearranged the exhibitions of the previous artists where she also placed two hidden peepholes in the structure where one, if one was able to locate these, could peep into the structure itself and see the works rearranged as well as the pipes running through the space.


oddbjorn-aarstad-9203 oddbjorn-aarstad-9225 oddbjorn-aarstad-9229oddbjorn-aarstad-9185